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About Us

Zmes was born from the belief that maximum marketing performance only can be achieved when three areas of knowledge work integrated, creating one culture, a distinctive offering in the market:

Business Consulting: our job starts with a profound diagnosis of the potential impact we can generate. Our fees are based on success metrics, directly connected with the impact for our clients.

Creativity and Storytelling: our creative process is based on data and insights, in which we deeply understand both the creators and platforms making the brands better dialogue with their public.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence: our proprietary technology platform (martech) optimizes and measures all the conversion funnel on a real-time basis.

Our business model: By understanding each client’s contexts, objectives, and unique dynamics, we have created a marketing agency with teams always 100% dedicated to the client`s operations, working in its operations as an extension of its team.

Our Tools: Voodoo is our proprietary Martech platform that ensures delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, always in a measurable way.

Our unique approach


We are the only company that combines the best out of our expertise, mixing business strategy consulting with the creativity of the most talented agencies and the cutting-edge technology of the big techs.


Our fees are based on the impact we deliver: all investment is 100% measurable and based on the business case.


We work along the whole conversion funnel in an integrated way, from branding until conversion.


Our teams work with fully dedicated to the client using the agile methodology an agile methodology and allocated in-house in our clients.


We use our proprietary marketing stack solutions using the most advanced technologies in artificial intelligence and analytics to maximize the results.

What we do

Zmes was born to be a "one-stop-shop" for the digital transformation of marketing for companies that believe that these new capabilities are key to sales growth and profitability.

We operate with integrated, multidisciplinary, and dedicated teams, working on the end-to-end customer journey - from the brand awareness to conversion and loyalty - with proprietary technology, native creation, and full commitment to results.

Demand generation

Branding • Awareness • Engagement • Social and Influencers • Content

Demand capture

MROI • Leads • Online and offline sales • Performance


Sites • Apps • SEO


Customer Relationship Management

Our Team

Top digital professional in Brazil with 20 years of experience in the field, from the foundation of iThink to vice-president of McKinsey, he led the digital transformation of marketing for the largest companies in the market with millions of reais in measurable impact.

Marcelo Tripoli
Founder and CEO

Business consultant with passages at EY, Accenture, and more recently at McKinsey whereas an associate partner he led transformation projects for dozens of companies generating significant and measurable impact.

Ricardo Tassi
Co-Founder - Delivery Excellence e Data Analytics

One of the leading Martech experts in the market, with 12 years of experience in technology. Recently at Dafiti Group, he led the development of several marketing tools in order to accelerate sales and optimize the marketing program.

Henrique Makauskas
Co-Founder - Data and Technology

Brings CMO's strategic vision, as she has accumulated 20 years of experience in consumer brands, for many years she served as a marketing executive at Pepsico and as a consultant-led strategic innovation projects for Ambev, BRF, Kimberly-Clark, Mondelez, Nestlé among others.

Marta Oliveira
Co-Founder - Brand strategy and Customer Relationship

A creative leader of the new generation with a great business core and expert of different perspectives, he was the CCO of WMcCann and Marketing Director of Habib’s. In his curriculum, he collects more than 95 international, regional and local awards.

André Marques
Co-Founder - Chief Creative Officer
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